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A pioneer in clean air innovation for more than 100 years

Company Profile

The AAF International Group of Companies

AAF International, the world’s largest manufacturer of air filtration solutions, operates production, warehousing, and distribution facilities in 22 countries across four continents. We are committed to protecting people, processes, and systems through the development and manufacturing of the highest quality air filters and filtration equipment available today. Our company offers comprehensive, innovative air filtration solutions designed to remove and control airborne particulates and gaseous contaminants in commercial, industrial, cleanroom, and transportation applications.

While AAF International is an international company, our global headquarters remain in Louisville, Kentucky, where AAF was founded in the 1920s. Bill Reed, a skilled engineer and entrepreneur, developed the Reed Air Filter in 1921. This creative filter solution for the automobile industry would establish the foundation for what is now a global leader in air filtration.

Global brand, Regional Presence, Localised Service

In 1972 AAF Asia’s regional headquarters was first formed in Singapore, which marked AAF’s debut in Asia. Middle East started its operation in 1995 with four sales offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh and Dammam. In the year 2000, China opened its doors to AAF which has plants in Suzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan and Taiwan and presently expanded its operations with a total of 14 sales offices. As industries advanced and end users became more concerned with the indoor air quality and clean air technology, the demand for high efficiency air filters in the Asian market boosted, this led to the establishment of AAF Malaysia Manufacturing and Research & Development Centre in 2002 and is currently SEA’s main headquarters.It’s strategic location helped reduce delivery time, in addition, this multilingual and multicultural country also created a competitive edge in the business.

AAF International entered India in 2006 which has established two factories in Bangalore (headquarters) and Noida, after twelve years it had a total of six sales offices in India. In 2013, AAF Asia further expanded in Thailand which also has a favourable location reaching its neighbouring countries. In 2015, Australia was established with sales offices and warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland. Recently, in 2018 PT AAF International Indonesia was set up to accommodate and to better serve the huge market demand in Indonesia. With over 1,100 staffs and growing, AAF Asia supports its local customers and distributors in New Zealand, Korea, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Philippines. With the continuous expansion of AAF Asia, it has occupied an advantageous position in the Asia market and has maintained the leading position in the air filter industry.

AAF understands the vital importance of clean air, that’s why we are committed to cleaning the indoor air around the globe to improve our quality of life, increase productivity, protect critical processes and equipment, and create products that advance human condition. Our regional presence helps us address the diverse local requirements of Asian market wherein climate and environmental requirements differ very much from the other continents.

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To clean the indoor air around the globe, improving our quality of life, making us more productive, protecting critical processes and equipment, and creating products that advance the human condition.


To help you protect your environment, improve your health, reduce your risk, and optimize your clean air related spending.


As global climate change rapidly, air filtration solutions are challenged daily, AAF Asia continues to develop innovative products that address new health threats, more reliable filter performance that imposes less to zero risks and air filtration solutions that offer remote monitoring. From disposable panel filters to high efficiency filters, we manufacture the widest range of air filters available in the market. We develop and introduce new filter designs throughout the industry, including pleated filters, extended surface bag filters, compact filters, ePTFE and eFRM HEPA filters. We manufacture filters in our cleanroom with ISO class 8 certification. Following strict quality procedures ensure that all AAF filters leaving the AAF factories are leak-free, perform according to applicable standards and are consistent with the individual customer requirements. For a clearer and simpler IAQ monitoring, our US based R&D team initiated the development of Sensor360, a portable air filter efficiency and system power consumption monitoring device and software that allows users to resolve potential issues before they negatively affect the air quality in a building and energy cost. With AAF, you are confident that our products and services are bringing clean air to life.




  • AAF celebrates 100 Years of Eminence, from establishment since 1921

1990s – 2020s

  • Supplied HEPA filters to the International Space Station
  • First self‐supported pleated filter, PerfectPleat® was introduced
  • First HEPA filter with ePTFE filtration technology (low pressure drop and energy saving) MEGAcel® I was introduced
  • Filtration optimization tool, TCO Diagnostic® was introduced
  • First IoT‐based filtration monitoring and optimization tool, Sensor360® was introduced
  • Clean, cleanroom design and configuration tool, VisionAir™ was introduced.

1970s – 1980s

  • First V‐Bank HEPA filter was introduced
  • First ULPA filter was introduced
  • First silicone‐based HEPA fluid seal, Blu‐Jel® was introduced
  • First high‐efficiency mini‐pleat 4″ deep filter was introduced

1950s – 1960s

  • First automatic self-renewable media filter, Roll‐O‐Mat® was introduced
  • First reverse-jet dry fabric dust collector was introduced
  • First bag‐style filter, DriPak® was introduced
  • First modern high‐efficiency box‐style filter, VariCel was introduced
  • First that manufactures own HEPA media
  • First separator‐less HEPA filter was introduced
  • NASA lunar module uses AAF filters in Apollo 11 mission to moon
  • First fluid seal for HEPA filters was developed

1930s – 1940s

  • First HEPA filter was introduced
  • First self-cleaning electrostatic precipitator was introduced


  • Bill Reed founded Reed Air Filter Company and manufactures the first commercial air filter in the U.S., the Reed Air Filter
  • Reed Air Filter Company merges with seven leading air filter manufacturers to form American Air Filter Company Inc.


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